To the farm born

Photo and words by S.W. Cosgrove

Found in the bottom of a box, a faded photo from the late 20th century reminds me….

I’m thankful for the good fortune of being to the farm born

to know the everyday miracles of life and the daily wisdom of death

the smell of fresh turned earth

clover meadows washed in spring rains

a lively horse and a smart dog

the summer sun setting late through the oak trees around the screen porch

dandelion wine from a chipped water glass

and chokecherry preserves on fresh baked bread….

4 thoughts on “To the farm born

  1. You and I know the importance of these experiences. It is the closeness to nature in day to day life. It is something that money can”t buy. City people miss out on so much and they don’t even know it…….Curt

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  2. Yes – I have very fond memoires of chokecherry jelly! I was guided by my dear Grandmother and Grandfather is picking the fruit at the right time – otherwise, it would, indeed, choke you!


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