Shine on, you crazy diamond

Photo by S.W. Cosgrove

Good night, Emerald City, I’m on my way home across water. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

“Here in the corner attic of America, two hours’ drive from a rain forest, a desert, a foreign country, an empty island, a hidden fjord, a raging river, a glacier, and a volcano is a place where the inhabitants sense they can do no better, nor do they want to.”

– Timothy Egan, The Good Rain, Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest

2 thoughts on “Shine on, you crazy diamond

  1. This is Mary Ann. Jack has no computer access.

    That is a beautiful piece of prose by Timothy Egan and a lovely photo of Seattle. I’m saving it for Jack.

    Now that Jack has had his second Covid vaccination, we’re trying earnestly to get him moved to Bainbridge Island! We talk on the phone twice aweek when we can ask the recreation worker to set it up for us. His communication is okay in spite of bit of paralysis left in his face, and his memory is great. His paralysis on the left side is slow to heal, so I can’t take care of him at home.

    Mary Ann

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  2. Hi Mary Ann – Thanks! Jack told me how much he enjoyed my blog, and I always looked forward to his thoughts. I think about Jack all the time, with many fond memories. We’ve been friends for so long. I’m glad to hear that he has his second vaccination and that his move to his home island is now on the horizon. Both Theresa and I look forward to that time when we can once see him and talk with him. Both Theresa and I will be getting our second vaccination in a couple weeks. It has been a very long year, hasn’t it? Hello to Jack from both of us!


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